Communications Services

Real-time service information about your assets

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In Your Area

Fully integrated with messaging, emails and social media, IYA can reduce calls to customer service teams and improve customer experience. 

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Retailer Notification Service

RNS enables water Wholesalers to communicate information about incidents, interruptions, investments and events that could impact their Retailers' customers. 

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digdat Integrations enable you to integrate digdat In Your Area with your website, meaning there is no need for customers to navigate away from their account to view information about events and interruptions in their area.  

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Better Reporting for Customer Service Teams

In Your Area

digdat In Your Area is a hosted, white-labelled information service that enables organisations to both send and receive real-time service notifications.

  • 24/7 public access to service information 
  • Send notifications by email, SMS or social media  
  • Community reporting of issues 
  • Internal management of incidents and communications 
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Better Insight for Wholesales and Retailers

Retailer Notification Service

digdat Retailer Notification Service helps water wholesalers communicate with water retailers regarding service issues.

  • Compliant with Wholesale-Retail MOSL Market Codes 
  • Provides a live view of disruptions and incidents that have the potential to impact non-household customers 
  • Provides access to all wholesaler notifications relevant to each retailer
  • Integrates with digdat In Your Area
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Better Customisation

digdat Integrations

digdat Integrations enable integration between digdat IYA and your website. This premium service enhances customer communication and your customers journey through your website. 

  • Live alerts and events on your website 
  • Information about water hardness
  • Register for SMS or email updates in an area of interest or on a specific event or alert on your website
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Customers using digdat Communications Services