Welcome to Dwr Cymru (Welsh Water)

We are delighted to Welcome Welsh Water to the digdat Communication Service.

digdat Communications is a hosted, ‘white-labelled’ information communication service that enables an organisation to both send and receive real-time service notifications through a website. It is designed to underpin a business’ requirement to communicate service information to its customers and the wider public.

Stuart Roach, Digital and Web Specialist from Welsh Water, said, “Thank you all for your hard work, help and support to get us to today and a successful launch.

This is a big step forward for the service we offer to our customers and we’re looking forward to seeing the benefits that digdat will bring to the business.”

We are also proud to announce that, as part of the work we have been doing with Welsh Water, the digdat Communication service is now bi-lingual. The full ‘In Your Area’ web service has been translated into Welsh to enable Welsh Water customers to choose whether they would like to use the site in English or Welsh. Their preference can be selected with the click of a button, making it quick and easy to switch between two languages.

You can learn more about the bilingual In Your Area here.

The addition of another key utility company is fantastic news and we look forward to collaborating with all our clients on the next phase of developments for the service.