Update to Hartlepool Water's data

Following a data merger, Hartlepool Water's data on digdat Connect and Utilities is now part of Anglian Water's data. This means that all underground assets identified as Hartlepool Water's have changed ownership to Anglian Water.

This will improve the user journey and make statutory access requests easier as the two data sets are part of one data owner.

We have moved all existing statutory access to Hartlepool Water's data over to Anglian Water so there is no need for users to do a thing! Just use the same login as normal and carry out your search. If your search is in the Hartlepool Water area it will now display as Anglian Water's dataset.

Please be aware that your personal data will continue to be processed in line with the digdat Privacy Policy found here.

If you have any queries about this update please contact our Customer Service team on 0800 085 8060.