digdat digital data on demand

Need to communicate with customers about your assets?

In today’s always-connected world, your customers are hungrier than ever for instant access to information. If their service is disrupted, then they want to be able to find out why and what’s happening about it.

digdat Communications provides:

  • 24/7 public access to service information
  • A friendly map-based interface which works on all common devices and browsers
  • notifications by email, SMS or social media for those registering
  • community reporting of issues

Using digdat Communications, you can provide your customers and the community with instant access to service information, as well as providing the facility for customers to receive proactive notifications. In addition, your customers and community can inform you of issues (e.g. full bins, broken streetlights, leaking pipes) which is invaluable in prioritisation of maintenance.

Management of the information is through a simple interface which allows:

  • viewing on a map or a table
  • powerful filtering
  • management of incidents and communications
  • management of administration users
  • management of registrations

All of this is built on a robust cloud-based platform, which gives excellent uptime. The solution can be customised to your exact needs, and can interface with information on your own databases.