digdat digital data on demand

digdat® provides access to asset and service information in an easy, flexible and scalable way using powerful viewing tools. If you are looking for, or want to make available your asset or service information, digdat® is the standout choice.

Need to find or provide the location of underground assets? Choose…

Need underground asset maps now?

digdat® Utilities lets you access or provide maps of underground assets 24/7, providing simple compliance with statutory requirements, protecting assets from damage and keeping contractors and the public safe.

About to dig a hole and don’t know what’s down there? Choose…

Need to know what's down there now?

digdat® Connect allows you to look up who may have underground cables, pipes and other assets where you’re about to dig. It is a free-to-use service across the whole of Great Britain, helping to ensure your safety and avoid liability claims.

Need to communicate with customers about your assets? Choose…

See how Anglian Water benefits from the service

digdat® Communications provides real-time service information about your assets, and inbound reporting of problems. Fully integrated with messaging, emails and social media, it can reduce calls to customer services and improve customer perception.

Giving Wholesalers the power to keep Retailers informed

View a demonstration of the only hosted service currently available

digdat® RNS enables Wholesalers to communicate information about incidents, interruptions, investments and events that have the potential to impact their Retailers' customers.